Sibiu and the other cities – how did I choose them ?

Rome in the Rain

Rome in the Rain

While I am in my “little updates from the road” mode I thought I’d answer this as I am frequently asked this question.

There were several things that triggered this project in the first place and one element was to use the Polaroid film I had left in an interesting way. However, I didn’t want to retrace my steps and photograph cities where I had already taken a lot of Polaroids. For this reason Edinburgh wasn’t included. Or Lisbon or even Dublin – all cities with great appeal.

In the end the choice came down to a mixture of cities that I already knew well and others that would be new to me . I think it would have been pretty hard work to photograph 12 unknown cities in this way. It was hard enough to keep up with the preparation as it was, not to mention the languages.

I also was trying for a bit of a north/ south  “old’ and ‘new’ Europe mix. There was only one city that I wasn’t totally keen on photographing ( I’ll not name names to stay diplomatic ) and interestingly this city was much harder to do. The one non negotiable city , from the outset, was Sibiu.

From my first visit to this city , a VERY long time ago,  I adopted Sibiu as “my” Romanian city. Its not really something I can explain. I’ve never had the luxury of so much time here as this trip though – in the past it was always just a quick day or so, maybe 2 nights when I was doing the tours here.

 So it has been  a real pleasure to see the city doing so well. I’ll do a  fuller post on Sibiu in due course.

As before, photo from the blog archive. Its raining so heavily I really couldn’t choose anything else !


2 thoughts on “Sibiu and the other cities – how did I choose them ?

  1. Unfortunately this is the last day in Sibiu for you but we hope that next time you will come , not to work, just to relax.
    It was a pleasure meeting you!!
    I promise that I will try hard to learn french and also english better, and if there will be a next time we will resume to speak only in one language!
    Enjoy your journey back home and good luck!


    P.S. I like very much how you write.

  2. The photographs you have taken and posted on your site are beautiful! So dreamy, so artistic. Thank you for sharing your craft with us!

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