Teeny weeny update from Sibiu


Don’t have very long online so this will be a very unpolished update – I’ll polish it up a bit the first chance I have a bit longer online.

Mainly I’ve been impressed with just how easy the trip to Romania has been so far. The last time I came here by train  was 10 years ago and crossing the border was a real carryon – So  I was slightly dreading how it would be this time. Hurray – quick look at passport , nothing else. In other respects I’ve felt quite nostalgic about my trip from 10 years ago – but this aspect was a real improvement !

Sibiu was also City of Culture 2007 and I think this must have speeded up a lot of the renovation work. Mostly I think it has been done very nicely – a few things are a bit of a pity. The changes to some of the distinctive dormer windows in the main square alters the character a little and I think the main square has lost a little character too, mainly from the removal of a row of trees. But on the other hand it has become a very accessible pedestrian area linking to the main street which is also pedestrian now and gives plenty of room for the cafes to spill out onto the street.

Weather reports have been for torrential rain most days – fortunately in practice this seems to mean sunshine , with spells of rain. Even so , it does mean I’ve been working hard to do as many P0laroids as I can while it is bright and dry.  If I can get my quota done by tomorrow or Monday then I plan to take a bus to a little village on the edge of town and do some more rural shots too.

Well, noone came to claim the computer , so my update isn’t that short after all. It is liable to change though, when I have a bit more time.


4 thoughts on “Teeny weeny update from Sibiu

  1. I have come in Sibiu two years ago and I love it. It’s a nice city but are a lot of things that must be resolved and put in order.
    You can see around Sibiu this places:Rasinari,Paltinis,Cisnadie,Cisnadioara,Slimnic,Valea Sadului. This are some of the places but are a lot other were you can see amassing things.
    But also there are places were you should not go:Gusterita,Broscarie.
    I like that are people who are talking good about Romania , in generally this thing it’s very rarely.
    O zi buna!Bafta!

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