Budapest – a little update.

Performers from the Edinburgh Fringe 2007

Performers from the Edinburgh Fringe 2007

So, city number 10. I am slowly getting towards the final run. I thought that Budapest might be quite a gentle city to do – I have been here before and already have my bearings. Or so I thought. Actually I realise that I don’t know the city that well after all – a lot has changed in the 7 or so years since I last came. And my routine in those days followed quite a fixed pattern so that I knew a particular route pretty well – even giving a city tour !

I had  also not bargained on the weather gods. Today was positively torrential. The forecast is for more of the same for the next four days – possibly alternated with merely light showers.  Polaroid does not like dark gloomy conditions. And Artistic TZ is particularly unimpressive in such circumstances. 

Still, on one of my forays into a  Budapest bookshop (of which there are many, and thankfully most have foreign language sections ) I read a little from the book of Polaroids made by Andre Kertesz. He is a  favourite photographer, and near the end of his life , after the loss of his wife, he started to experiment with the “new fangled” Sx70 camera.  The results he achieved with very limited material are amazing and I will be buying a copy of the book when I get home. Interestingly there is a comment in the book that , although he was frustrated by the limitations of Polaroid film , he felt you should become familiar with the limitations of your camera and then work at the edges of these limitations.

Btw-  a little photo from the archive to accompany this post as I can’t add photos en route.  Just a little taster for the festival atmosphere that will be hitting Edinburgh in about a month. ( Well, the film festival is already in full swing )

– Little Tuesday update – Weather Gods happy again – the sun came out ! I took advantage and worked flat out.  Took loads of shots, all kinds of Polaroid film from expired to very expired to Artistic TZ. Possibly too much information if you aren’t a photographer !   The expired film came out dark and was very squishy but the ATZ  looks pretty good so far – not green and manipulated really nicely. I concentrated on the Buda side today , since that is where my hotel is for this part of the trip – I did get  completely lost at one point and walked for what seemed like miles. The one good thing is that if you go down hill then you do come to the Danube again at some point.

I’ve been using a terrific guide book by Andras Torok  ( 2007 edition) – Budapest – A Critical Guide . It isnt’ showing up on amazon for this edition but it is worth trying to track down if you are coming to Budapest. I’ve used a previous edition (1997) and so I was delighted to find he had updated it. I have read a lot of guide books and this one is up there in my top two favourites.


5 thoughts on “Budapest – a little update.

  1. don’t understand its ROASTING back in Edinburgh. I ended up lolling about eating an ice cream with H on the grass in St Cuthbert’s cemetary. Very lovely it was too with the birds tweeting away!

    I hope the rain has blown over

  2. I’m so glad that the weather improved !

    an extra ordinary haar came over Edinburgh last night and i could hardly see to the end of the street…

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