Five on a Friday

Black and White Bluebells

Black and White Bluebells

Apologies for the late appearance of this post. I am in full “trip preparation ” mode – and things get a little hectic. None the less, I know that if I let a week slip off the radar it will be harder to pick up again. So here are another five.

The book of Happy Endings. This is just a wee gem of a book. Short stories – so they’re perfect to just pick and read one at a time. In fact, I enjoyed the book so much that I did do this, just to spread the enjoyment. They are all based on real stories as researched by the author and retold in her own style.  One of the particularly touching stories ,”Hungarian Kiss” ,was even influenced by the book afterwards.

Heading further east, I was reminded of this singer, Souad Massi,  this week , when I was discussing synchronicity with a friend. I’d loved this Algerian singer’s music for a while, and though she is based in France, hadn’t managed to hear her in concert. A couple of years ago I was travelling by train to London and making one of those “Artist Way” inspired lists of “20 things I want to do in the next 12 months” – and one of them was  to see her perfom live – wherever in Europe I’d need to go. As advised by a regular Scotland to London traveller ,Creative Voyage , I’d bought my copy of Time Out at the station before departure. And, you’ve guessed it,  discovered she was performing in London the very next day, and as if that wasn’t enough, about 5 minutes from my hotel .

I didn’t manage to visit this artist’s shop,  Rob Ryan ,while I was in London – it only opens at the weekends – but his work is wonderful. Very distinctive , and often gracing book covers, his  designs are paper cuts – but of an intricacy that is astonishing. Nice interview with him here . One of these days I’m going to save up for one of his prints.

Edinburgh is slowly getting busier – the film festival is on just now, having moved from the August slot . And for the next two months the crowds will keep piling in. Although not exactly a secret, this cafe – No 28 Charlotte Square  run by the National Trust for Scotland  –  is slightly hidden and provides  an oasis of calm, even when the Book festival is in full swing  just across the road. There is a lovely little outdoor section right at the back if you are there on a sunny day.

Finally, always good to highlight an Etsy favourite. I love this accordion print from Etsy shop  “Roadside”  run by Jayme McGowan. Her technique of prints based on 3D installations is quirky and original.  I bought this print a while ago and also one of her cards – but I’m not sure if I’ll ever send it to anyone !

Please to add your own “Five on a Friday” in the comments or on your blog – let me know and I’ll come and visit.

Also, I’m thinking about doing an edition of some of my prints in black and white, following on from a request – what do you think ?


3 thoughts on “Five on a Friday

  1. I love the black and white print idea! The image of the bluebells is beautiful!
    When I get back from my trip, I will try to get in on the “Five on Friday”. I love that idea.

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