Five on a Friday


I’m enjoying compiling these “Five on a Friday” blog posts – and glad to see your contributions too.  It just seems a nice way to make unexpected discoveries.

Being in Istanbul has reminded me of one of my favourite books – Ali and Nino by Kurban Said. This is a beautifully written tale, set in Baku in the run up to the first world war. A love story between the Muslim Ali and Georgian Christian Nino, it gives a fascinating insight into the traditions and history of the region.

Karine Polwart – A scottish singer songwriter with a real gift for writing gently inspiring songs. One of them has even been adopted by a lot of primary schools here as a kind of school anthem – “I’m gonna do it all” from the album “Scribbled in Chalk” . I’ve been known to sing it to myself if I feel I need a bit of a reminder . An engaging performer live too – I’m hoping I’ll manage to get along to her performance in Edinburgh this summer.

 Well, the “Five” seem to be taking a mostly Scottish flavour this week, so sticking with that , the classic Scottish film Gregory’s Girl from 1981. Very well known, since it was made so long ago, but if you’ve never seen it , then it will be a wee treat for you.

Tunnocks Tea cakes and caramel wafers – two classic Scottish biscuits – they seem to have stood the test of time , even though they are hardly the healthiest choice. They are as much symbols of Scotland as Irn Bru and whisky. I’ve also discovered a wonderful Scottish designer and illustrator, Will Freeborn , who just happens to have done sketches of these famous biscuits in his journal and is selling prints  of them on Etsy.

 And if you are going to be in Edinburgh then Tiger Lily is an interesting place to go for coffee or a cocktail. A quirky interior with shiny mirror mosaics and a hefty dose of very bright pink – but also a calmer area with huge cane chairs.

Thanks for joining in with your Five on a Friday – I’ve enjoyed reading them . Add yours in the comments or write a blog post and I’ll come and visit.

Also do check a couple of posts back and see if you were one of the winners of the giveaway that I ran in May.


10 thoughts on “Five on a Friday

  1. G’sGirl is one of my favourite films, my little brother and I regularly greet with exerts from the wisdom of Gregory! I have not heard of your book recomendation but have friends living in Baku so I’ll check it out. And I’ve been inspired by your “Five on a Friday” and am going to join in 🙂

  2. I’ve never actually had caramel wafers but have eaten a few (ok more like a dozen, not at the same time tho :p) tea cakes 😀 Can’t stand Irn Bru, tastes really sweet to me

  3. Laura – it has been a favourite with my family and friends too – lot of good lines.

    Marlene – come back so that we can go for rose cocktails again ( seems quite a Turkish idea actually) – and yes, not sure why I ended up on such a Scottish theme today !

    m – yes, ‘fraid so, Friday already. Never mind 🙂 He would be interesting to hear speak I think, even to “non film” people.

    Jennifer , I’m with you on the irn bru – even the colour sets my alarm bells going !

  4. I’ll be back, with great pleasure!
    And you, to Brussels one day?
    Meanwhile, on Sunday: Nice, San Remo, Milano, and who knows where else?

    xoox M

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