Etsy Spotlight

Etsy Spotlight week 2

Etsy Spotlight week 2

The second in my series of posts putting some other Etsy sellers in the spotlight. This week’s selection has , by accident rather than design, rather a jewellery theme.

First up is a very unusual Rose brooch by Meltem who is from Istanbul. I love the quote she has in the accompanying description –

” The great Anatolian philosopher, mystic poet Mevlana says
“You consist of thought. The rest remaining is the flesh and bone. You become rose garden if you think of rose, you become thorn patch if you think of thorn” ”

* Note – I was curious to fnd out more about Mevlana – turns out it is the poet better known as Rumi to Western readers.

The design also has very interesting echoes with the shape of the celtic pins used to attach tartan shawls in the past.

Next an unusual scroll ring by Studio618 – I love the lightly hammered finish. 

A nicely made map pendant by MadMaggieDesigns – this particular one  is of Cornwall. Her suggestion is to use them in your own jewellery pieces.

And finally a pretty silver beaded bookmark with “Hope” stamped onto a silver tag by TKDesigns. That kind of gentle reminder can never go wrong.


7 thoughts on “Etsy Spotlight

  1. I love Rumi poems. Glad to find out his other name too.
    Again, thanks for posting my ring. Your other selections are beautiful too and I’m so honored.

  2. These are very lovely subtle choices. I’ve just been catching up. Istanbul looks like the first shot of Marrakech I had. But thats palm trees for you!
    I went to a village on the coast near Kavala about 30 years ago. I always wanted to go to Thassos. I’m curious now!

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