Giveaway winners ….



It has taken me a few days after Istanbul to pick up the threads again and put the giveaway names into the magic randomizer machine.  The winner is Chris – so if you’d like to get in touch and let me know which image you would like as your prize I can get it away to you. Also if the next four would like to email me a mail address then I will send a little something your way too.  Susan ,  Jane from MaxandMolly, Isabella and Nathalie . ( When I was entering the names I didn’t check if Chris one was the same as Chris2 and since it is, I’ve moved the runner up names along one.)

Here is a quick taster of a photo from Istanbul. This city made a huge impression on me  – disorientating and confusing though it is. Very hard to understand in a short time and – reassuringly –  I am not the only one to think this. Reading the book I mentioned in the last post, “Istanbul” by Orhan Pamuk – the city has proved elusive and mysterious to locals and travellers alike for the last few centuries.


Early morning Istanbul

Early morning Istanbul


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