Flickr Favourites

Flickr Favourites - Tea
Flickr Favourites – Tea

1.Tea Anyone ? 2. Monday Teaparty 3. Tea 4. Do you like tea ?

This is becoming a fun weekly thing to do, inspired by creative and prolific Mitsy from Artmind. If you don’t know her work do have a little look around. Today her theme was “daily fix” – for me it has to be tea rather than coffee. Actually at the moment my real favourite is peppermint tea, but I did rather like the Turkish apple tea as well.



4 thoughts on “Flickr Favourites

  1. Rhiannon, sometimes I wish I was a tea drinker. I do sometimes but I don’t crave it like I crave coffee. But I find drinking tea much more sophisticated! LOL 🙂
    However, a piece of chocolate tastes better with a cup of coffee I think! 😉 I tried to click the links, ’cause I really like the pictures you chose, but they somehow don’t bring me to the actual picture… Great mosaic & thanks for playing! 🙂

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