Five on a Friday

Coffee and Orhan Pamuk

Coffee and Orhan Pamuk

Light blogging this last week as I have been away on city number nine of the “12 City Project”. It was Istanbul this time – a complex and complicated city to get to grips with, but also very beautiful. It does mean I am now 3/4 through and have just 3 cities left to complete. ( They will be Budapest, Sibiu and either Tallinn or Riga)

Back to “Five on a Friday”

Orhan Pamuk – “Memories of Istanbul” .

I’ve tried , in each city , to read something relevant and for Istanbul this was the chosen book. I haven’t quite finished it ,but it has been a very enjoyable read. Pamuk ably blends glimpses of his own childhood with the history of Istanbul and the accompanying black and white archive  photos are very intriguing.


I have a couple of tripods and the only situation I don’t mind using them is when I am shooting very close to home or travelling to a shoot by car. If  know I’ll have to trek around all day I dislike the extra bulk and awkward shape ( even if the results are good). Ages ago a  friend suggested the compromise of a monopod – and I resisted even that. However I have now been won over. I used a monopod ( plus shutter release)  for all my Polaroid shots in Istanbul and I think the results are definitely improved by it. ( For anyone shooting Polaroid , and specifically the difficult Artistic TZ film, the monopod does seem to help get the best out of the film.) Of course it did make the SX70 camera look even more obvious so an undercover approach was not really possible.

Janet Hill

One of my favourite Etsy purchases so far was from Canadian artist  Janet Hill . She manages a pretty impressive output of, usually, a painting everyday, depicting glamourous domestic scenes that could be straight out of Elle Decoration or Homes and Gardens. Or elegant period ladies and their essential accessories. She has recently added a range of prints to her original paintings which has made it a little easier to get hold of her work.  Her daily original paintings are snapped up almost immediately.

Fringe by the Sea.

I read in the current issue of  “The List” that Fringe by the Sea, which saw it’s debut last year,  is back again this year. And not only that, noticing that the Spiegelgarden will be absent from this years fringe, they have taken it upon themselves to hire another one from Belgium. I think I’ll be taking that 30 minute train ride from Edinburgh to the sea side quite a few times in August.


This site ,run by Timothy Adam ,is a great resource for anyone who is selling their hand made items or artwork online  ( or would like to) , with specific sections on Etsy and Artfire.

If you’d like to contribute a “Five on a Friday” I’d love to read yours – add them in the comments or write a blog post and let me know so that I can visit.Thanks for all the comments entering the giveaway. I’ll be putting the names into the “number randomizer” tonight and announcing  the winners tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Five on a Friday

  1. I am in total agreement about tripods but I was trained to “always” use them. I resist and now I may look into trying a monopod. Thanks for the tip!

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