Five on a Friday.

Parisian Cafe - new listing on Etsy

Parisian Cafe - new listing on Etsy

For some reason five and Friday seem to fit together extremely well.  So , for my second weekly feature I’ve decided to do a little  round up of five favourite things – and maybe something will turn into a favourite for you. I’d also love to hear five favourites from you – either post them in the comments or write a blog post of your own and link to it in the comments and I’ll come and visit.

Without further ado, today’s Five  on a Friday –

“I’d Rather be in the Studio” by Alyson Stanfield.  Being an independant creative is not an easy thing, perhaps especially now. This book is an invaluable source of ideas on getting  your art out in the world. She also does a weekly newsletter and podcast at

Acquaragia Drom – How to describe these guys ? An Italian gypsy moveable party ? They are performing at the Tilburg Gyspy festival on the 1st of June and if I was anywhere nearby I would definitely be going along to hear their infectious brand of gypsy fusion . They are performing a lot over the summer, especially in their native Italy, so you might be lucky and catch them somewhere else too.

Selvedge magazine. Once a textile designer , always a textile designer ?  This magazine – well magazine doesn’t really do it justice, more of a slim paperback book – can be relied upon to provide an interesting mix of textile related articles. Historical textiles and modern textile artists –  all beautifully photographed .Makes me want to explore doing some textiles again. ( In fact, I do have a secret project in the works to do just that )

Thinking about textiles led me straight onto  …Kaffe Fassett.  If I’m ever in need of a little burst of extra colour then his site is one of the first places I go. A very prolific designer in all manner of media from knitting through tapesty and patchwork to mosaic. He does tour quite a bit doing illustrated lectures and workshops. Again  a whole hearted recommendation to go along if he is appearing near you. I’ve heard him speak a couple of times and  also attended a patchwork workshop  Although not a patchworker, it was  a marvellous day surrounded by colour and pattern- with the added bonus of being in Gothenburg.

And finally, my favourite Greek Island – Thassos. Not for nothing called the greenest island in Greece, it is a bit of a hidden gem. In fact many Greeks holiday there, so perhaps they like to keep it secret ? Tthe most northerly island lying just off the coast of Kavala, you can reach it by boat from there or the nearby Keramoti. A place that has built up quite a loyal following over the years is Aberdeen Studios run by the lovely Carol and the quite simply unique Vasilis. They run their studios  alongside their olive groves and Vasilis will be more than happy to let you experience a “day in the life of an olive farmer”   While some  rooms are  independently let,  they also feature in the current Thomson brochure. The reviews show they must be doing something right ! You can catch a glimpse  into life on the island through Carol’s blog

And finally I must also add a huge thank you to Andy Hayes who interviewed me over the last week for his travel blog. We met for a cuppa and scones at “the Queen’s cafe” and had a really enjoyable chat about travel in general, Amsterdam in particular as well as all kinds of photographic matters. Do have a wee look over at his blog to read the full article.

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4 thoughts on “Five on a Friday.

    (1) Holding hands walking barefoot along a beach as the sun’s setting with the love of my life…aaah!
    (2) Sharing the company of friends at the dining table
    (3) My Grandchildren’s laughter
    (4)Having an exciting project to work on
    (5)Tomorrow – and all that it contains

    AND as it’s Saturday, may I have a sixth? It would be the greatest joy to humankind apart from one’s natural senses …M U S I C! If music be the food of love………

  2. Great idea for Fridays! I have many favorites too (not necessarily in this order):

    1. summer
    2. my pets
    3. my husband
    4. photography, and all the possible images I can capture with my cameras
    5. home

    I love that Etsy image too…beautiful!

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