Flickr Favourites – Polaroid Pinks

Polaroid Pinks

Polaroid Pinks

 1. pink, 2. ., 3. IMG_0594, 4. lavender


 Last week Mitsy’s Flickr Favourites using the Mosaic Tool was so much fun I couldn’t resist having another go this week. She took “inspiration” as the theme and for the last few years Polaroid film has been a major inspiration. Slightly frustrating to use manyof the polaroids on Flickr for mosaics because  of  the polaroid framing .  I still included one  because I liked how the colours worked too much to remove it. Other recurring inspirations are cupcakes and flowers !

*Wee note – comments made until 31st of May will be included in the Blogiversary giveaway from the previous post. *


7 thoughts on “Flickr Favourites – Polaroid Pinks

  1. Yay for cupcakes!
    Love lavender too & poloraids are indeed beautiful but really difficult to use in a mosaic! You did a great job though!
    Yay for bog give-away’s too! 🙂

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