Some celebrations on the way….


With all this travelling  during the last couple of months I didn’t notice a couple of anniversaries slip by.

One year of blogging, one year of Etsy. And, as I write, I am one heart away from 1000 hearts for my Etsy shop.  (If you are unfamiliar with  the Etsy heart system it is a way to show that you like a shop or a particular item. People use them in different ways, to bookmark something they might later come back and buy, to refer to when they are creating treasury showcases or just to show support. )

 Although I was a somewhat reluctant blogger and had to choose “Reveal” as my “word of the year” last year, to give myself a little push, I have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed the experience.  And appreciate the support and conversations that have been generated through comments and emails. I don’t want to let either of those milestones go past without marking them in some way, so I have a few things cooking that I will be revealing during the coming week. My way of thanking you for reading and encouraging and exchanging views.

I’ve been thinking  a bit more about encouragement this week too, after some conversations with other artist friends. One place that has been a great source of encouragement over the last year has been Alison Stanfields “Artbiz blog” . She is also the author of “I’d Rather be in the Studio”. Both book and blog have been invaluable to me in finding ways to promote and market my photography in ways that feel appropriate to me. 

Keep an eye on the blog during the week to find out what I have planned.


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