Amsterdam Polaroid and the best Appeltaart ?


Amsterdam canal houses

Just a quick post as I am busy working my way through the Amsterdam photos and trying to catch up on some of the other cities before I go off on the next trip. This little set of houses is very typical for Amsterdam, with their decorative gables.  I spent an interesting hour or so climbing the Westerkerk  tower  ( not something I would normally volunteer to do, but I wanted to take some photos from the top) and the guide was very informative. He told us that most of the houses lean  slightly   towards the canal and that this is intentional, making  it easier to load items by crane to the upper floors. If the houses were straight up and down then the items would bash against the facade.


And is this the best Appeltaart in Amsterdam ? (From the cafe Winkel at Noordermarkt 43). Countless articles and guide books claim it is – but there must be some other contenders ? I did think this one was pretty good myself – a lot of apple and the pastry was nicely crunchy on the outside. You won’t need lunch though as it is pretty filling !


4 thoughts on “Amsterdam Polaroid and the best Appeltaart ?

  1. Beautiful! I had a couple of appeltarts while I was in Amsterdam and agree, it’s a whole meal of it’s own. A must taste – and photograph – while in Amsterdam.
    I love that polaroid shot.

  2. Great photo of Amsterdam (I should go look through my old ones now). Didn’t know about the lean of the buildings–of course, I didn’t have a tour guide when I was there (which is why I got lost a lot).

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