Tulips from Amsterdam



Well, not strictly from Amsterdam, but close enough. When I was planning when to visit each city, I did have an idea quite early on to visit Amsterdam in April. And one reason for this was to be able to see the bulb fields. Actually I just scraped in with this by the skin of my teeth. As I was flying in there weren’t nearly  as many brightly striped fields visible from the air as I had remembered previously. Fortunately I managed to make a little tour past some bulb fields within a day or so of arriving – and this was just as well. By the time I left nearly all the fields had been “topped”.  The tulips in the vase are “rescue tulips” as my Mum christened them. There were a couple of lads walking through the stripes doing the tulip equivalent of “tattie rogueing” which they called “zieke zoeken” – looking for all the tulips that are diseased or not the correct colour. The offending tulips were pulled up and thrown aside. Actually I think the irregular stripes on some of these are more pleasing than the “correct” ones.

 A side effect of being in Holland was to  be reminded of how much I love doing flower photography. I haven’t done many flower shots in the last year or so as I felt I had maybe “shot enough flowers already” and needed, at least with Polaroid film, to concentrate on other things. But after being surrounded by so many flowers, both growing and in the wonderful flower shops I think I’ll be making a bit of time to put flowers in the picture again. I have my own favourites ( tulips, gerberas and a new favourite – ranunculus) but I’d be interested to know what your favourite flower is.

Tulip Field


pink tulips



7 thoughts on “Tulips from Amsterdam

  1. Oh my!!!! These photos are breathtaking!
    I really love all flowers… But I guess I’d have to say hydrangeas and alstroemerias are among by top favorites. And ranunculus as well, but I have to admit I needed to look this one up. Come to find out they are also known as buttercups, and these I do indeed love 🙂

  2. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Wow, I’d be in heaven in a place like that. My camera would start smoking from all the pictures I’d be taking 🙂

  3. My favourite flowers ever have always been sweet peas but I can’t grow them.
    There are so many others though..sisyrhyncum (might not be spelt right) the ones my Mother in Law used to call ‘Blue eyed grass’ is such a bonus in the early summer and honeysuckle, what would the world be like without it?
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am bust creating more brooches and just having a little break from the sewing machine found this.
    Back for more later.

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