A Recipe for a Good Day.

afternoon in amsterdam

Still in Amsterdam as part of the “12 City Project”.

The first two days were spent doing a lot of walking but not a huge amount of photography. The film I had in my camera was of the “original TZ but very expired” variety. Once in a blue moon this film exposes correctly , has only a few light leaks and manipulates normally. The other day was definitely under another kind of moon. Which was a pity because I had gone to the cafe at the top of Metz and Co where there is a great panorama of the city. I may still be able to salvage something but I’m not holding my breath.

Yesterday on the other hand , I had one of those days where as Christine Kane calls it  “the universe keeps sending you little nods” that you are in the right place. With nice bright weather I headed off to the Jordaan, reminding myself that this is a much more pleasant approach to the city than to walk down the Damrak. I shot quite a few polaroids with “Artistic” TZ and got some good results.

There were other ingredients that went into a “good day” too – stopping off for some coffee and appeltaart at Cafe Winkel ( while looking for the link to their site I lost count of the number of other sites I found saying that they do the best appeltaart in Amsterdam – that would explain the long queues out the door ! – and still can’t find their site but the address is 43 Noordermarkt )

And a couple of musical surprises were waiting for me. I can never resist following the direction of music and one trail led me to the Robin Nolan  trio. (Their MySpace link takes you straight to the music ) I heard them play quite often in Amsterdam about 10 years ago and one of their CDs has been a favourite ever since. They don’t play that often in Amsterdam anymore, with a busy touring schedule, so it was a real bonus to catch them. They play gypsy jazz alongside their own compositions. As if one favourite wasn’t enough, round another corner I found Uzory. Actually from the Ukraine and only visiting Holland to attend specific events , such as the New Year celebrations at the Russian School – one of their CDs has also been a long time favourite. One little visit to a market really turned out to be pure pleasure.


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