One more day…and where to go for sustenance..

Tea and scone

Tea and scone

One more day to go, for the exhibition at the Gladstone Gallery. Today went really well – quite a few prints sold, including a series of three that, although available singly, does  look  best when displayed together.  So many interesting conversations with people from all over the world and locals too – it takes a lot of energy , but is very worthwhile .

There is still time to visit the exhibition tomorrow if you are around Edinburgh. And after your visit you might need a little refreshment. I’ve been taking it in turns with my Dad to do the manning  so we have both  had plenty of opportunity to try out the local establishments. My favourite coffee spot in all Edinburgh ( to my taste they do the best cappucino) is “Made in Italy” in the Grassmarket ( If they have a website of their own I was unable to find it) . I loved it slightly more before it was revamped but I can appreciate that from the cafe’s point of view they can fit in a lot more customers now. They have the Italian radio on, so you can pretend you are in sunnier climes. Now that the Grassmarket “refurbishment” is finished there is also much more room to sit outside.You’ll find a wide range of Italian sandwiches and cakes to go with your coffee. If you are more inclined to have a juice then Hula, just around the corner on Victoria Street is also very good. Walking in the other direction, along George IV Bridge is the very well known Elephant House. Quite small and narrow at the front it opens out into a fantastic bright room at the back with a view onto the castle. Huge wooden tables means you often share tables with strangers and contributes to the buzzy atmosphere. Over the road and a little further along is Caffe Lucano – another Italian cafe, also good with extremely friendly staff and often special deals towards late afternoon.


3 thoughts on “One more day…and where to go for sustenance..

  1. I found Pasta Fresca, in North Bridge Arcade when last in the city – coffee was very good, cakes were great, and I liked the no-nonsense internet access (had to hire the PC, but that meant didnt have to carry laptop!) for customers. Eco-friendly wooden cases, too!

  2. The Elephant House is one of the cafes used by JK Rowling when writing Harry Potter. I also like their Elephants & Bagels on Nicholson Sq and am fond of Black Medicine Cafe on South Bridge a bit of a walk but full of students ! oh an small we cafe opp the Italian one which has free lolipops ! I like the idea of Italian Radio in the Italian Cafe …. Reminds me of a previous project to write a cafe guide to Edinburgh

  3. Cafe Lucano was lovely yesterday esp being warm enough to sit outside ! A Miracle !

    Now i’ve been past Pasta Fesca but not inside. I have to say that the southern Cross cafe on Cockburn St is outrageously expensive £2.40 for a cappachino…

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