“Polaroid Paintings” and “Glimpses of Edinburgh”

Peek at exhibition

Peek at exhibition

Yesterday finally saw the exhibition opening. Because of the timing of  the exhibition changeovers we decided to open on the Tuesday during the day and then have a Private View in the evening. It all went really well and hopefully the visitors enjoyed seeing the results of all the hard work too. We both sold a piece during the evening ..so that got the  exhibition off to a good start. In fact , although it would be lovely to sell loads of photographs and paintings ,almost as important is the sheer fact of pulling work out of hidden studios and showing it to the world. It is something that many creative types are hesitant to do but I think that showing the painting is what completes the creative cycle.

Outside Edinburgh was cold and full of “haar”  – that East Coast fog that goes right through  you. Where did spring go ? Another update tomorrow, about the building and the top of the Royal Mile.

Edinburgh Haar

Edinburgh Haar





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