Exhibition Opening Tomorrow !


The Mound , Edinburgh

The Mound , Edinburgh

A lot of hard work today to get the exhibition hanging. I’d tried to plan it in advance, but it is still difficult to visualise the space properly until you see the images in situ.  The space itself has a lovely “feel”  – largely because of the wonderful 17th century features such as an original painted ceiling and windows with the lower halves made of wooden shutters -a reminder of the days when window tax was levied on all glass windows. They would have also allowed for easy implementation of “gardyloo” –  a medieval Edinburgh convention which permitted dirty water to be thrown out of the window as long as this warning cry was shouted in advance. ( Gardyloo is an anglified (scottified ? ) version of the French ”  Gare de l’eau” ).

The “Polaroid Painting” with this post is of  “The Mound” which is just around the corner from the Gallery and the road which joins the Old Town to the New Town by means of a  steepish  hill.

 The Exhibition  is open from 10 am – 5pm from Tuesday until Sunday. If you are nearby please drop in and say hello.


3 thoughts on “Exhibition Opening Tomorrow !

  1. Gladstones Land is a lovely venue for your exhibition. It was a pleasure to see so many of your Polaroid Paintings in that setting. Good luck for the rest of the week!

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