Culinary Interlude…



With a bit more time over the New Year I dug out my favourite cook books and did a spot of baking. Top of the list for inspiration is Chocolate and Zucchini . This book is a little stroll round Paris and culinary ideas all rolled into one. My first attempt at  Gateau Chocolat Framboise – but with Clotilde’s clear instructions it worked perfectly. Her blog with the same name Chocolate and Zucchini is also a great read.

Other cookery books that  have just arrived on my bookshelf  include Venezia by Tessa Kiros , an absolute visual delight –  intended to get me in the mood for the next city on my list – Venice – at the end of January. Also Culinaria Hungary – pretty well everything you could need to know about Hungarian cookery , presented with a lot of extra cultural information.  I was interested in this book after hearing a broadcast on Radio 4 called ” The Goulash Archipelago”  about two jazz musicians who decided to busk their way from Budapest to deepest Transylvania, eating only what they were given in exchange for their performances. They also joined in the cooking on their travels, listed some recipes on the Radio 4 site and recommended this book as a good resource.


gateau chocolat framboise


4 thoughts on “Culinary Interlude…

  1. Wow, looks yummy. By the way, I do a lot of work in Venice and am there about once a month, so if you need any culinary (or other) suggestions for your trip, feel free to write me. For a cool book, you might try to pick up Sally Spector’s Venice and Food. It’s an amazing food history of Venice with recipes and beautiful illustrations. You can find it in any bookstore in Venice and perhaps online as well?

  2. Chocolate and raspberry – what a stunning combination that is! …and I’m very envious you’re off to Venice – my favourite city! Take lots of photos!

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