Sneak preview from St. Andrews.

Street in St. Andrews

Street in St. Andrews


The fourth city in this series is St. Andrews.  I was keen to choose a Scottish city as one of the twelve, but also wanted it to be a city that I hadn’t already photographed a lot. So that ruled out Edinburgh and even Glasgow. What swung it in favour of St Andrews was that I also decided it would be perfectly legitimate to  include a few images from the East Neuk fishing villages. 

I hadn’t bargained on  few factors. December was very cold, dark and rainy. Polaroid film does not perform very well on dark days. The “new” old Polaroid film performs even worse.  However, I battled on through wind and rain and should still manage to keep to my target output.

St Andrews is a bit of an out of the way place to get to, for a city.  There is no direct train – the nearest stop is a few miles away and you have to get a connecting bus. But once you’re there it is well worth the journey. For golfers the city needs no introduction as it is regarded as the “birth place” of golf . It is also a university town, with the oldest university in Scotland and it really has a studenty feel. But at the same time there is the brisk sea air and a  fabulous long beach – perfect for kites and long walks. ( The beach scene from Chariot’s of Fire  was filmed there ).

For general tourist information on St Andrews  and for golf information and a web cam  link to the old course too.





4 thoughts on “Sneak preview from St. Andrews.

  1. I lived in St Andrews from 1977-8 straight from SA it was a great culture shock and we were disappointed to hear on arrival that it never snowed in St Andrews. That year was the very hard snowy winter and I can remember tobogganing down near the Lade Braes!

  2. and I mean’t to say the above image looks very much from 1977. It was a different world then, shops closed on sundays and for lunch ! and they didn’t give out plastic bags you had to take your own. Pre eco before there was even eco !

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