Gothenburg in the Picture.

Gothenburg Polaroid Collage

City number 3 in my project is Gothenburg. I am aiming for a bit of a mix in my choice of cities. Some will be in “old Europe” and others in “new Europe”.  Gothenburg is here representing Scandinavia.  The fourth city in the  line up  is St. Andrews,  it didn’t seem right not to have Scotland represented somewhere. I shot the images in December and I am working on them just now.

One of my initial reasons for starting this project was to use my remaining stash of Polaroid film.  However, some of it is very expired. And expired film is hit or miss. More miss than hit really, although that’s not to say that nothing can be done with it. But  it isn’t really in line with how I want the images to be. To the rescue comes the “last gasp” Polaroid film. This manipulates beautifully, maybe even better than some batches of the original film. But the colour is somewhat dodgy.  In the bright light of Florence, and to a certain extent even in Prague, the muted colours worked pretty well. But in the darkness of Gothenburg and the bleak wintery December days of St. Andrews it is another story. So I am having to revise my working method so that I do still end up with images that I am happy with.



I’m planning in future posts to go back over the cities I have photographed and give some little snippets of tourist info, but in the meantime, here is a link to some information on Gothenburg.


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