The “12 City Project” continues….


I am enjoying this “Farewell to Polaroid” project. I started with a fairly vague idea but it is taking shape and developing with each city I visit. The “last gasp” Polaroid film is just as unpredictable as the expired SX70 film that I still have – but I am managing to be very  – ok – quite – relaxed about the results. I shoot, I do the manipulations and then repeat the process. Although I do a extra little cheer when the chemical gunk stays on the inside.

On the other hand, the “Polaroid Collages” do not have the same limitations and I am enjoying the fact that I can pull in all kinds of other photographic elements. I am finding myself increasingly drawn to the story -telling elements that these collages make possible.

Twelve cities still seems quite a tall order, but now that I have 3 under my belt I feel very motivated to keep going. The third city in the cycle was Gothenburg ( just starting to process the images) and the next one, in December will be St Andrews in Scotland. Had to include one city in Scotland and I haven’t done any polaroids there before.

The “Polaroid Collages ” here are from the Prague series.



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