First images from Prague….


Have been working pretty hard to get the photographs from Prague finished before the next city in the line up. The polaroids are finished and off to the printer for test prints. Although this film has a quite particular colour palette I am still happy with how they have turned out. Of course, it does help that Prague is a fabulously photogenic city.  

The “polaroid collages” are next in the queue. I found 20 a bit of a tall order when I was working through the photographs from Florence.  So, on the advice of helpful friends I’ve decided to limit the number to 12. There is a kind of symmetry in this as the overall project will involve 12 cities.




12 thoughts on “First images from Prague….

  1. ooh like these a lot. The back feel off my holga today 😦 I hope that some of the photos I took in Santa Monica are salvageable. I’ll going to get up early tomorrow and take more.

  2. I am in love! These photographs are gorgeous. I saw on your Etsy sight a photo from Amsterdam. I used to live in The Netherlands, so that’s a soft spot for me! Plus, my brother used to live in Prague, so these photos make me think of him. I am mesmerized by them… I’ll be back to see more.

  3. Beautiful work! You really captured a feeling as well as a wonderful image.

    I am sorry about the SX70 film. I played around with that process years ago and loved it. I have a few friends in the same predicament as you. If I hear of any news on that front, I will let you know.

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