Polaroids from Florence

Just a little preview of a couple of those Polaroids that I mentioned in my last post. I think Italy is a perfect country for doing these “Polaroid Paintings” – the palette and style seem to fit perfectly. Or am I just trying to justify a return visit ? 

The colours are very different to the conventional SX70 film colours and I think I would be missing some of the bright colours if I wasn’t also shooting with Polaroid 600 too. For anyone with an SX70 camera and no more Time Zero film – get hold of a filter to fit onto the top of Polaroid 600 film and you can keep on going for a little while longer.


2 thoughts on “Polaroids from Florence

  1. Ciao from Firenze!
    I need to go and get some film and do some polaroids too.. or am I too late?

    I used to alter polaroids..
    mostly using slides and a machine to print from slides..

    They are so cool!
    thanks for reminding me!

    I also do some polariod transfers by hand on art paper.. and they do look magical!

  2. Hi Rhiannon,
    Beautiful name! I came to your blog by way of Christine Kane’s blog. I have lived in Florence a few times. Love the two pieces you’ve posted here. Are you actually painting polaroids?

    Here’s my blog that has some Italy experiences, and lately I am writing about intention, which is what we both commented on, on Christine Kane’s blog.


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