The creative flow….

Florence 14

Florence 14


……..when it strikes you just need to hang on to it and keep going. Its taken me a very long time to realise that creative work doesn’t happen at a constant flow all the time. There are periods of intense activity followed by others where ideas seem thin on the ground. I’m trying to relax into that idea and not become stressed by either extreme.

I’ve been trying to keep up with the goals I’ve set myself, even though they seem a little ambitious. I am coming to the end of the set of 20 “Polaroid Collages” that I’ve been working on with my material from Florence. I’ve been having some of them printed up on “art paper” as opposed to on photographic paper and it seems to really suit the style.  I’m keen to get this section completed so that I can move on to the images taken last week in Prague. Fabulous city – will certainly go back to explore more sometime.

At the same time as working on these collages I’ve been processing the “Polaroid Paintings” that I took with the “last gasp” Time Zero film ( maybe too much information, but if you shoot Polaroid you’ll know the film I mean) It does indeed manipulate beautifully , but the colours are very very faded. I still haven’t got any of them to a point that I am happy with. Maybe I will just leave them in this faded  antique palette as it does suit a place like Florence.


Florence 15

Florence 15


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