Picking up the threads again….


With a busy month behind me including some travel I’ve fallen behind a little – so this is the time to catch up again.

I’ve been shooting with my “last gasp” polaroid film. The colour is very different to the “normal” film I’ve been used to, but the faded vintage colours were perfect for Italy. There will be some images from my most recent trip to Florence coming up in the next few days.

In the meantime I’ve also been continuing with my experiements towards “life after Polaroid” and the images that accompany this post are some of the results.

I’ve also undertaken a rather ambitious project over the coming year – I’ll mention it in more detail as it evolves – but it will involve me spending quite a bit of time in different European cities.


5 thoughts on “Picking up the threads again….

  1. OOH sounds very exciting !!

    She bounces up and down wanting to know more…

    Love your new photies – are they double images or was the advertising/graffiti so spectacular in Italy?

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