Summer where are you ?

Summer long ago...

Summer long ago...

Torrential rain in Edinburgh today. Torrential rain through quite a lot of August ! Thank goodness I had my day out to the seaside last week.

When I was little , if we were going to the “real seaside” it would be a day trip to North Berwick , even though we lived right on the other side of town.  As well as the sea there was an open air swimming pool, a rocky headland that you could walk along and an enclosed paddling pool area on the beach. The last two are still there  – along with that other local attraction – Luca’s ice cream  (Based in Musselburgh, but sold in a few places in North Berwick). 

I had a lovely afternoon taking photographs after I followed Orkestra Del Sol down there – and now I’m waiting for another sunny day to make another visit.

Bass Rock

Bass Rock


5 thoughts on “Summer where are you ?

  1. Hi Rhiannon – what a lovely blog. I grew up in Gulland so know North Berwick rather well – my brother and father share a gallery/antique shop opposite the ruined church behind the high street.

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