Not so secret Edinburgh….

Victoria Street,Edinburgh

Victoria Street,Edinburgh


Well this street can’t be classed as any kind of a secret in Edinburgh…..but it is one of the most attractive streets in the old town. Lots of great independant a new knitting shop that holds knitting sessions on Thursday evenings and the Red Door Gallery. Also lots of great places to eat…favourites of mine are  Maison Bleue and Khushis. I’ve just added this “polaroid painting” to my Etsy shop.


2 thoughts on “Not so secret Edinburgh….

  1. Maison Bleue – yum ! and of course Ian Mellis stinky cheese shop… and I’vegot a great fondness for Analogue the design bookshop despite often not feeling trendy enough to step in there but they are always friendly. And at the bottom of the road Armstrongs the vintage clothes shop haunt of teenagers, students and those in search of a costume for a party.

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