The European Cake Project

Appel Taart

Appel Taart

I am currently engaged in this ongoing piece of research….and if you live in any part of Europe you can help me with this. I’d like to know what you consider to be your most typical cake. There is a lot of room for debate on this of course..but for example the Dutch one could be Appeltaart, the Portuguese could be Pastel de Nata…

I’d like to know who you think the contenders should be for your country ! ( Recipes – or cafes where this can be sampled are also welcome ! )

BTW..Edited to add…all cake suggestion contributers will be entered into a draw to win a print of a cake related photograph !


10 thoughts on “The European Cake Project

  1. thank you for your commont on my dear mrs. larner collage. i love working with those antique letters.

    your blog is lovely. what an incredible idea about the traditional cakes! i’ll be coming back.


  2. hello waving from this side of the Tay estuary

    Not the most original but what about Dundee cake
    (Winston Churchill’s favourite, don’t know what that has to do with Scottish cake identity but hey ho !)

  3. A Melk Tart for South Africa ? grenadilla cake (passion fruit) I seem to remember making many banana loaves out of our south african cookbook

  4. I am in England (south coast) and we LOVE cake. I think contenders would have to be…

    Victoria Sponge
    Lemon Drizzle Cake
    Seed Cake
    Swiss Roll
    Dundee Cake

    …I could go on!!

    If I had to pick one it would be the Victoria Sponge – simple yet fabulous when done properly.

  5. I’ve just had breakfast at Peters Yard off middle walk – I think you would be able to source swedish cake there – very expensive swedish pastries but authentic never the less…

  6. I think the cake was cheaper £26 for a yiddish dictionary ! on blueyonder email by the way as hotmail doesn’t seem to work in islington – too prole?

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