Royal Mile Pub

Royal Mile Pub

Polaroid film is on my mind at the moment. I am not alone in this….

I’ve used and loved various polaroid films over the last few years but my favourite has always been the SX-70 film. I have two cameras that I use for shooting plus various additional lenses and then my supply of various implements to do the actual manipulations. People have often commented that “you could get the same effects with PhotoShop” – and possibly I could ( and maybe I will try once my film supply has run out).

For me this is not the point. The best thing about using this film is the whole scenario – Go for walk. Take a few photos. Walk some more to let the film “settle” a little. Find a cosy cafe and order a drink. Drink coffee and work on photo. Repeat as necessary. Sometimes I have shot too many in one go and then it becomes a bit of a race against time and aching hands to get the photos finished before the emulsion hardens up.

At the moment I am preparing some of my favourite polaroids, having them scanned and blown up, in preparation for an exhibition at the end of May.


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